Monday, July 23, 2012

Stampin' Up! #Convention 2012--What a Blast!

I have SOOO much to share from convention, but since today is my baby's 5th birthday, I'm only going to take time to share this most adorable, excellent and inspiring music video with you all. ENJOY!!

Wasn't that great!  I'm out there in that crowd somewhere.  I love that the end of the video was live footage from #Convention 2012.
And here are my "shout outs" To our fabulous instructors! I prepared in advance my Facebook posts for the whole week but wanted to share them here with you all so you can see some of the things I'll be posting about later this week.
  • If you are a SU demonstrator, then you are a BUSINESS OWNER.  With Stampin’ Up! you get to choose exactly what KIND of business owner you want to be.  I love that.  Such freedom to be and do as you would like.  So why are YOU a Stampin’ Up! business owner?  And if you’re not, what are you waiting for?  Thanks, Brian Pilling, for your great class on leadership at #Convention 2012!!

  • My tuna can up-cycle project! (got the idea from pinterest) Do you love it?  I think next time I’ll use a pineapple can instead!  LOL! Thanks, Emily Montoya for the great ideas in your “I Am Reaching Out” class on Thursday at #Convention 2012!!  Loved it!

  • If you had an extra $2000 to spend, what would you do with it?  (Pam Morgan, I loved your class “I Am Making Money” at #convention 2012.  Thanks for the shot in the arm!)

  • My incentive trip tracker is GOING UP ON MY FRIDGE! And everything else is comin’ down!  Big thank you to the demos who shared their stories in the “ I Am Earning an Incentive Trip” class at #convention 2012!) (Karen Hauley, Jill Hilliard, Meg Holland, and Cynthia Millan)

  • So bummed that my photo of the adorable travel coffee mug didn’t turn out!  I wanna make one! Where can I get one of these do it yourself coffee mugs?  Anyone know?  Did anybody get a photo of it you can share on here? Thank you Donna Griffith, Meg Wheeler, Dawn Griffith and Laura Milligan for your great projects in the “I Am Savvy” class at #convention 2012!

  • Give a girl a card, make her smile once. Teach a girl to MAKE a card and create smiles for a lifetime.—Kelly Rose.  O.K. well it’s not as good as the Chinese Proverb about fishing, but it’s darn close!! And it’s still true!  Thanks, Carrie Cudney for your great ideas in the “I Am Open for Business” class at #convention 2012.

  • Would you rather go to WORK or go to a PARTY?! Fabulous “party” ideas were presented by some amazing demonstrators at the “I Am Doing Business’My Way’” class at #convention 2012 with Bonnie Thurber, Tami White and Ronda Wade. Thank you, ladies!!
Stay awhile and take a look around my blog, there is a terrific special going on and you can get your starter kit now for only $99! Til Later! Kelly

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  1. Dear Kelly
    I hope the tips you heard in the Incentive Trip Class were helpful. Get that Trip Tracker onto your fridge!! :) And I hope you DO earn the Caribbean Cruise!! Glad you enjoyed convention. God Bless, Cynthia Millan


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